Love, Desire & Attachment | Sunday 21 March


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(Free for Centre Members)
Sunday 21 March, 10am – 1pm

Join us for the livestream or watch the replay anytime until Sunday 28 March, 1pm.

About the Course

If we wish to enjoy good relationships it is essential that we learn to distinguish between love and attachment. While love brings only good results and happiness, attachment brings only problems and suffering such as craving, jealousy, dependence and conflict.

During this workshop we will learn how to distinguish between these minds and free ourselves from attachment while cultivating a pure love for others. Everyone is welcome to this event.

The Programme

About the Teacher

Michele Lint is a warm-hearted teacher and an experienced meditation practitioner who has been studying Kadampa Buddhism for more than 12 years. She brings to her teachings a sincere interest in helping others and a clear and insightful understanding of how meditation and mindfulness can improve our daily life.

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